VCFS Grants

VCFS Grants


The VCFS Fund aims to reduce social isolation and loneliness by supporting people to get together safely. Grants between £1,000 and £5,000 are available for VCFS organisations to provide practical support to the clinically extremely vulnerable (CEV). 

We are interested in supporting activities/projects related to the following:   

- Food and other essential items    

- Befriending (digital programmes to support)     

- Providing IT equipment    

- Transport   

- Homelessness    

- Community support    

- Libraries    

- Carers support    

- Hospital discharge     

- Domestic violence    

- Bereavement support    

- Mental health and wellbeing programmes, resources, and support  

- Support for those who are self-isolating     

- Support with employment and skills   

- Training opportunities, including digital inclusion     

- Energy support* 

- Cost-of-living crisis 

- Welcome Spaces** 

* Evidence related to any energy costs that are included in the project proposal will need to be submitted. 

** Applications related to Welcome Spaces will need to outline how their project encompasses the Welcome Spaces Values: 

- Everyone receives a warm welcome 

- Everyone is treated equally, with dignity and respect 

- Everyone feels safe 

- Everyone has a confidential listening ear if they want one 

In addition, the application should highlight the need for the project and how it will enhance and develop the space further to its current use so that residents can access support, connect with others and enjoy a safe and warm place without judgement. As part of the application, evidence related to any energy costs that are included in the project proposal will need to be submitted.  


Funding available   

Applications between £1,000 and £5,000 can be submitted up until the funding has been devolved. 


Funding panel   

The distribution of this funding will be managed by the Social Isolation Alliance. A panel, consisting of representatives from the VCFS sector and the Local Authority, will adjudicate each application. The panel will meet fortnightly to assess the bids submitted and to agree awards. Payments will be processed promptly to allow work to be started quickly. This fund will remain open until funding has been allocated.    


Eligibility criteria   

To be eligible to apply for and receive funding your group must fit the following criteria:   

- Be a not for profit, third sector, voluntary or community group.   

- Be connected with or meet the needs of Doncaster communities.   

- Have a bank or building society account where at least two signatories are required to draw funds.  

- Have a governing document that has a minimum of name, aim and membership.   

- Meet due diligence requirements especially around safeguarding.   

- Have evidence of community involvement in their application. 

Examples of what we do not fund:  

- Building refurbishment work. 

- Project costs that have already been incurred (retrospective funding).       

- Political and religious activity, although political and religious groups may apply for funding for community activities.           

- Activities outside of the Borough of Doncaster.           

- Endowments/loan repayments. 

- Endorsement or promotion of any form of wagering or gambling. 


Grant Monitoring 

As a condition of funding, and in addition to the reporting requirements, we would ask you to help us in capturing stories, experiences, and conversations about your projects and how they have impacted the people you are supporting and the wider community.    


Other information   

If you have been successful in receiving VCFS Funding and would like to submit another application, the following conditions apply: 

  • For applications that are the same as a previous successful project, bids can only be submitted for consideration 12 months after the initial application. Evidence that your outcomes were achieved, and the project was successful will need to be submitted. 
  • For applications that are different to a previous successful project, bids can be submitted for consideration even if you have received funding within the last 12 months. A project update will need to be submitted. 

The panel will review the submitted information on a case-by-case basis.  

Applications will be considered for Welcome Spaces from organisations that have received the VCFS Grant. 



To discuss anything further, please contact   

Information outlining supporting documents that needs to be submitted as well as the reporting requirements for the grant can be found on the Application form. Organisations that do not have audited financial accounts can complete the Balance sheet and Income Statement.

Application Form

- Income Statement 

- Balance Sheet